ADAPTEC 29160N 驱动程序免费下载(ver. 6.­3.­9)

在本页面,您可以永久免费下载ADAPTEC 29160N 驱动程序,设备类型为小型计算机系统接口的控制器。

ADAPTEC 29160N (ver. 6.­3.­9) 发布 2004.08.18。

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类型 小型计算机系统接口的控制器
设备 29160N
操作系统 RedHat 8
版本 6.­3.­9
文件大小 379 Kb
已发布 2004.08.18

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U160 SCSI Driver v6.­3.­9 for Red Hat 8.­0 on i686 Ultra160 SCSI Driver v6.­3.­9 *minimally tested* for the SCSI cards 39160,­ 29160,­ 29160N,­ and 29160LP.­ This compressed image file of the driver disk contains the Red Hat Linux 8.­0 drivers.­ Caution: These drivers have been minimally tested by Adaptec and are provided as a convenience for our customers.­ Installation Instruction: Extract the file and create the driver disk using the dd command (on a Linux machine) or the Rawrite utility.­ Notes: This is the compressed image of the driver update disk for Red Hat Linux 8.­0 on i686 processors.­

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